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Musical Summary



II. Process Standards
A. Essentials of personal Growth
1. Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate through written expression



Each year we show a famous musical during class time in all the choirs. Sometimes it is a musical we have performed at the school in years past and sometimes it is a musical we are considering performing. Watching these videos is a great way to show an example of what we are looking for in Fall Follies or the spring musical. It also helps to show a direct connection between what we do in class everyday and the real world.

Writing Assignment:

You have just been hired by blockbuster to write the movie summaries on the back of each video cover. Your first assignment is to write a synopsis of the musical (insert musical name here). Remember you need to give the customer a brief summary of the musical without giving too much away. You might want to mention the main characters and who they are performed by and any notable awards the musical has won. Remember we want customers to rent this movie!



Name__________________Choir __________________ Date_______________


-No plot summary evident 0
-Plot is incorrect 2
-Plot is mostly correct 4
-Plot is correct, but unclear 6
-Plot is correct and clear, but not in proper order 8
-Plot is correct, clear, and in order 10

Total- 10 points Score________

- Degree to which main idea/theme or point of view is clear and maintained

-Unclear; insufficient length to ascertain point 0
-Confusing, unclear, can’t tell what is going on 2
-Fairly clear opening, but strays 4
-Clear opening, but strays 6
-Clear opening, stays on topic most of the time 8
-Perfectly clear, stays on topic 10

Total- 10 points Score________

Organization- Degree to which logical flow of ideas are clear and connected

-No plan; insufficient length to ascertain point 0 -Parts in place, no sequential order 2
-Parts in place, little sequential order 4
-Parts in place with sequential order 6
-Most parts connected; coherent 8
-All parts connected and signaled with transitions 10

Total- 10 points Score________

Grand Total- 30 Points Total Score________

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