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Composer Obituary


C. Music History

1. Students will demonstrate a knowledge of historical periods, composers, and styles of music
a. historical periods, composers, styles of music

II. Process Standards
A. Essentials of personal Growth
1. Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate through written expression



The student will choose one famous composer from the pieces we have studied and performed throughout the semester. Another composer may be selected, but all research for that composer would have to be done outside of class on the students time. If a composer is chosen from class no additional research is necessary.


You are the last remaining relative of (insert famous composer here). The composer has just died an untimely death. It is your duty to write the composer’s obituary. It is important to mention at least three of the composers major works, birth place, the date of birth and death, age of death, historical period, style of music, contribution to the music world, and how their music has impacted your own life.



Name__________________Choir __________________ Date_______________

The obituary must contain the following:

-Major works 3------2------1
-Birth place 1------0
-Date of birth and death 2------1
-Age of death 1------0
-Historical period 2------1
-Style of music 1------0
-Contribution to the music world 5------4------3------2------1------0
-Impact on your life 5------4------3------2------1------0

Total- 20 points Score________

- Degree to which main idea/theme or point of view is clear and maintained

-Unclear; insufficient length to ascertain point 0
-Confusing, unclear, can’t tell what is going on 2
-Fairly clear opening, but strays 4
-Clear opening, but strays 6
-Clear opening, stays on topic most of the time 8
-Perfectly clear, stays on topic 10

Total- 10 points Score________

Organization- Degree to which logical flow of ideas are clear and connected

-No plan; insufficient length to ascertain point 0 -Parts in place, no sequential order 2
-Parts in place, little sequential order 4
-Parts in place with sequential order 6
-Most parts connected; coherent 8
-All parts connected and signaled with transitions 10

Total- 10 points Score________

Grand Total- 40 Points Total Score________

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