CRITERIA 0-1 2 3 4 5
     Effort No balloon or only materials   Balloon is built (that's it)   Balloon has been completely 
          (X 2) are present (not together)       built and has the ability to work
     Took flight Balloon doesn't lift off or Lifts off at least 1 foot Balloon lifts off the ground at Balloon lifts off at least 3 feet Balloon lifts off the ground at
          (X 1) gets off the ground < 1 foot   least 3 feet then falls but lingers for only 10 seconds least 3 feet and lingers for
        or more 20 seconds or more
     Organization No resources or only 1 resource Few resources are copied, but Few resources are copied but Most resources are copied but Most resources have been copied,
          (X 1) present not labeled what is present is labeled not labeled included, and are labeled
          appropriately for easy access
     Bibliography         MLA style bibliography listed in
          (X 1)         alphabetical order
     Exhaustive 1 or 2 sources; meaningful or not   More than 6 sources but not   More than 7 sources are present;
          (X 2)     necessarily meaningful   sources are meaningful to project
     Organization Information and observations       Information flows consecutively;
          (X 1) are not consecutive       All observations are dated
     Legible Print is sloppy; no labels on       Printing is readable; diagrams are
          (X 1) diagram; messy presentation       labeled; presented orderly
     Successes/Failures No discussion of why things were   May include drawing designs but   Includes all design drawings,
          (X 2) changed even though what was   does not effectively examine   hypotheses of failures, why, and
  changed is mentioned   failures   what changes were made
     Reflection Verification is missing or weak   Some verification present; or   Verifies whether or not problems
          (X 2)     presentation difficult to find   are being solved or goals are
          being met; presented separately
Conclusions     (X 4)          
     What did you learn? Non answered or 2 questions answered 3 questions answered All four questions are answered All four questions are answered
     What did you enjoy? 1 question answered     but does not exhibit valid portions and reflect on valid portions of 
     What did you dislike?       of project this project
     What would you change          
          or recommend          
          for next year?          
Group Critiques     (X 3)          
     Team Member One          
     Team Member Two          
Score =                 /100