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Types of Cameras


  • Demonstrate proficiency in photo terminology and equipment
  • Students will work effectively with others in small group settings
  • Students will identify and analyze processes and problems encountered in photography


  • Gain information about the different types of cameras
  • Work effectively in a small group to create an advertisement



All assignments and self-evaluation rubrics must be included in the comprehensive binder.

  • Read chapters 1-3 and complete worksheets
  • Create an advertisement, in groups, on one type of camera and present it to class
  • Take a quiz on the five different types of cameras
  • Complete a journal entry
  • Complete a self-evaluation and a group evaluation

Types of Cameras Assignment Sheet


In small groups, create an advertisement for a type of camera. Your ad must include information on how the camera works, advantages, and disadvantages/disclaimer.
The ad may be for a magazine, newspaper, TV, or web. (Not radio) Things that you need to consider for an ad are; visual presentation, terminology (keep it user friendly), and visual aids to sell your product. Use information from your textbook and other resources from the class library to sell your product. The information must be true. Working in teams is common practice in the advertising field. An effective group will get more accomplished if they use their members efficiently. Each member should have a job and the team should hold them responsible for getting that job accomplished. As in real life, the team is graded, not the individual. A good team consists of productive workers, not leaders.


Each team will receive a grade based on the following criteria:

  • Providing adequate information on how the camera works
  • Advantages of this camera
  • Disadvantages of this camera
  • Visual aids used to enhance ad
  • All group members participated in the presentation to the class/sales team
  • During the presentation, used user friendly terms
  • During the presentation, members made good eye contact with audience/did not read directly from notes

Individuals will receive a grade based on the following criteria:

  • Contributions to the team
  • Time on task while in the group
  • Listens to others in the group

Photography 1 - Types of Camera Ads/Group Rubric

Group Members: ___________________________
Camera Type: __________________

Info on how camera works 10-8 Provides superior info, info is clear 7-6 Provides adequate info, some info missing or unclear 5-0 Provides very little info
Advantages 10-8 Complete list of adv. 7-6 Lists some adv., not complete 5-0 Lists no adv. or very few
Disadvantages/Disclaimer 10-8 Complete list of disadv. 7-6 Lists some disadv., not complete 5-0 Lists no disadv. or very few
Visual Aids 10-8 Eye catching visual that enhances ad, clear info 7-6 Average visual, not eye catching, some info missing 5-0 Visual is messy or distracting from ad, majority of info missing
Terminology 5-4 Used user friendly terms 3-2 Uses some unclear terms 1-0 Uses too many technical terms, lost audience
Presentation 5-4 Good eye contact by all members, didn't read directly from notes 3-2 Some eye contact made, relied heavily on notes 1-0 No eye contact is made by the majority of members, read directly from notes
Group members participation 10 All members actively participated 0 Not all group members actively participated
Contributes to team 10-8 Effectively contributes to team w/out becoming leader, played role in team 7-6 Contributed to team partially, needed encouragement to participate 5-0 Did not participate in the team, needed constant prompting from team to participate
Time on task in team 10-8 Was always on task during team work 7-6 Was on task most of the time during team work 5-0 Spent majority of team work time off task, needed prompting to stay on task
Listening 10-8 Listened to all members of team during decision making process, didn't ignore team members 7-6 Listened to most of the members but ignored some during decision making process 5-0 Did not listen to other team members ideas, acted selfishly during decision making process

Total Points - 30
Total ______

Types of Cameras Journal Assignment

1.) Discuss problems that you encountered in working with your team members.

2.) How did you overcome these difficulties?

3.) Explain why you feel your team worked effectively?

4.) What is the main selling point of your advertising campaign? Please explain.



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