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TASK: Group Skit

DEFINED TASK: Students will perform a short skit based on a day in the life of an Anasazi family.

Group Skit Rubric


Excellent (+3)

Satisfactory (+2)

Needs Improv. (+1)



Skit includes daily tasks performed by Anasazi men, women, and children       x5
Skit includes both action and dialogue       x2


Speaks clearly, with expression        
Faces the audience while speaking, makes good eye contact        
Stays in character, follows along with the script        

Group Skills

Shows respect for others' feelings/ideas        
Stays on task (good use of time)        
Equal participation among group members      

**Note: You may receive a maximum of 39 points on this assignment. It will be translated into the following scale:
    Excellent= 27-30
    Satisfactory= 22-26
    Needs Improvement= 21 & below
                                                        TOTAL: + _____


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