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Travel Brochure

In order to attract people to a country, people create travel brochures. Travel brochures are intended to inform you of a country's "highlights." They hope that you will decide to come and visit their country after reading a travel brochure.

You will be in a group of four and together you will create a travel brochure on either China or Japan. We will spend the next week in class working on this brochure. Your finished project must contain the following:

    1. Be on a poster board.
    2. Titled with your country.
    3. Have at least two pictures of your country.
    4. Show your countries' population, capital, and square miles, plus any other facts that you think are important.
    5. Describe the major tourist destinations and why they are so popular.
    6. Describe the major recreational activities in the country and why they are so popular.
    7. Describe a popular myth/fable/folktale that is popular in the country.
    8. Have a one-page article written by each person in the group as to why you think someone would like to travel to this country.
    9. Be colorful and creative.

After your group has created the brochure, you will present the poster. Your presentation must include all of the following information:

    1. What country you chose.
    2. Why you chose that country.
    3. Three things that you found interesting during your research.
    4. What was the population, capital, and area.
    5. What were the popular tourist destinations and why.
    6. Why would someone want to travel to the country.


Travel Brochure Project Rubric

Your travel brochure is worth 75 points. 25 points are for the brochure itself, 25 points are for your presentation, and 25 are for the one page report due by each person in the group.

Brochure Rubric

You will be evaluated on how well you design and use your brochure. Your finished visual should show me how thoroughly you researched your country.

poorly designed product, sloppy, no effort
lacks finished quality, does not show good research, below avg. effort
of avg. design & well researched avg. effort
well designed, shows good research, good effort
superior design & above avg. research


Presentation Rubric

It should be evident that you are well-prepared to present your project to the class. This includes having researched it beforehand. You will be evaluated on your speaking skills, group participation, and use of visual aids.

presentation appears hastily put together, little to no effort
little rehearsal is evident, speaking skills below avg., lack of visual aids
rehearsal is evident, few problems w/ speaking & presentation skills
good speaking skills, well-rehearsed, good use of visual aids
above avg., well-rehearsed, excellent visuals


Paper Rubric

Your one-page reflective paper should give me a clear view of what you learned by doing this project. You should combine facts that you now know that would make your chosen country an interesting place to visit, as well as giving me your own personal reasons why it would be an interesting place to go.

no apparent effort, no factual info
little effort apparent, few facts represented, no personal opinion
of avg. effort, some facts present, clear personal opinion
good effort, some facts present, well-thought out personal opinion
excellent effort, well-thought out & supported opinion

Total points brochure: _____ X 5 = _____/ 25
Total points presentation: _____ X 5 = _____/ 25
Total points paper: _____ X 5 = _____/ 25
Total overall points: _____/ 75

Content Standards: 2, 7, 8, 9, 12
Process Standards: 16, 17, 18




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