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Creating a Floor Plan Task

Content Outcomes:

  • Set up a template in AutoCAD for a given drawing
  • Use an architectural scale fluently
  • Identify structure related problems in blueprints
  • Analyze the importance of building codes

Process Outcomes:

  • Use communication skills in a team meeting
  • Accept responsibilities and meet deadlines
  • Apply problem solving skills in various situations
  • Practice oral communication skills

Task: To design a first draft floor plan that meets all building codes, is creative, and architecturally sound.

Task overview: The students will be given a scenario that they have been given the job to design a floor plan for the Jones family. They will be given a deadline and be asked to make the floor plan wheel chair accessible because one of the family members that the floor plan is for is in a wheel chair. The students will also have to make sure that the design meets all building code requirements.

Creating a Floor Plan (Student Handout)

Scenario: You are sitting in your office when you receive a phone call from Mr. Jones. He wants you to design a floor plan for him and his family. The following are the criteria he wants you to meet.


  • Must have four bedrooms
  • House must be completely wheelchair accessible
  • Three car garage
  • Master suite with master bedroom
  • Full basement
  • One or two story house
  • Fireplace in family room
  • Big kitchen

Mr. Jones has also informed you that he has asked a few other comapnies to do a design for him. He wants all designs to be submitted to him no later than three weeks from today. If you want to make your client happy, here is what he will be looking for.

Creating a Floor Plan

Group Name ________________

Group Members _________________ __________________ __________________ ____________________ ____________________

Blueprint title block Excellent title block laid out well Average title block

Poorly designed title block

All building codes are met All aspects of floor plan meet all local codes Most aspects of floor plan meet all local codes

Very few aspects of floor plan meet local codes

House is wheelchair accessible House is completely wheelchair accessible Some areas in house are wheelchair accessible

No attempt to make house wheelchair accessible

All criteria met


All criteria was met for design of floor plan Most criteria was met for design of floor plan Very little criteria was met for design of floor plan

Set of plans turned in on time


Plans were completed and turned in on time Plans were not completed and turned in on time


____/40 pts


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