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Analysis of Building Codes Task


Content Outcomes

  • Set up a template in AutoCAD for a given drawing
  • Use an architectural scale fluently
  • Identify structure related problems in blueprints
  • Analyze the importance of building codes

Process Outcomes

  • Use communication skills in a team setting
  • Accept responsibilities and meet deadlines
  • Apply problem solving skills in various situations
  • Practice oral communication skills

Task: To analyze building codes and demonstrate their importance by designing a floor plan while abiding by all building codes.

Task overview: The students will be with their architectural design companies. Each group will be given a packet of building codes and discuss the meaning of each code. The groups will then be given a scenario in which they will have to make revisions to a given floor plan so it will adhere to all building codes and regulations. The students will then have the chance to bring the revised floor plan to a certified building inspector to see how well they redesigned the plan.

Analysis of Building Codes (Student Handout)

Scenario: Your boss comes into your office and wants you to take on a new assignment. There is a family that needs to bring their blueprints to the city building inspector to make sure that all of the plans meet code standards. You need to take a look at the floor plan and make any changes that you feel need to be made to have the floor plan meet code. This is a very important assignment because if the home gets built and does not meet code, your boss will be very upset at you and will probably give you a pay decrease (lower your grade). On the other hand, if you do a good job at revising the floor plan you will probably get a great Christmas bonus (extra credit). The following is what needs to be done in order to "bring a floor plan up to code."

Handouts: Code book, Code checklist, floor plan on disk

Analysis of Building Codes Rubric

Group Name _____________

Group Members ______________ _______________ ________________

_________________ _________________

Floor plan up to code All aspects of floor plan meet all local codes Most aspects of floor plan meet all local codes Very few aspects of floor plan meet local codes
Explanation of changes made to original floor plan Very thorough explanation of why changes were made Average explanation of why changes were made Vague explanation of why changes were made
Accuracy of changes All changes were made carefully and accurately Most changes were made carefully and accurately Most changes were made very carelessly and inaccurately
Total ____/ 15 pts


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