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Confronting Coral Reef Crisis

After you read the article (Wrecking the Reefs, Time, 9/30/96) you are going to design an experiment to preserve the coral reefs. Your group is going to have to present your experiment to the class. You must come up with not only the experiment but the way in which you plan to carry out the experiment, and also the time frame in which you would like to see some progress.

Questions you should be ready to answer. How are going to accomplish this task? How much money do you think this will cost? Are you going to endanger any animals in the process of trying to save the coral reef, or are you going to be saving animals? Tell which ones in either case.

As a class we will choose the best experiment that we would carry out if this were to go into the experimental stages.

As always please remember to cite your information for me.


Confronting Coral Reef


0 - Did not attempt

40 - Highly flawed

    1. ideas poorly communicated
    2. experiment is very unrealistic
    3. only one group member participated
    4. did not explain what is going to happen to animals
    5. information was not cited


60 - Needs work

    1. ideas were organized poorly
    2. experiment is somewhat unrealistic
    3. a few group members participated
    4. only mentioned a few animals
    5. some of information was cited


80 - Good

    1. ideas were organized
    2. experiment is realistic
    3. all group members participated
    4. many animals were mentioned
    5. information was cited, but incorrectly


100 - Excellent

    1. ideas were clearly organized
    2. experiment is wonderful
    3. all group members participated
    4. a variety of animals were discussed
    5. information was cited correctly



_______________ total points / 100


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