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Task #11: Peer-Editing

Standards: Students will identify strengths and weaknesses of writing pieces and offer suggestions for improvement of their own work and the work of others.

Task: Peer-Editing

1. Have the students exchange one of their paragraphs from Task #10.

- Students will start by using a green crayon. Have them read the paragraph and circle all of the transitions.

- Then the students will take a blue crayon and will circle the good word choices identified.

- Next the students will take a yellow crayon and underline all details and elaboration.

- Finally, the students will fill out the Peer-Editing Worksheet identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the paragraph and offering suggestions for improvement.

2. Students exchange their other paragraph from Task #10 and follow the same steps.

3. Collect the paragraphs and the Peer-Editing Worksheet s. Assess the editing skills with the Editing Checklist.

4. After assessing the editing skills, pass back the paragraphs and Peer- Editing Worksheets. Have the students write revised versions of their paragraphs.


1. Peer-editing - students will identify specific elements of writing
- students will identify specific strengths of writing
- students will identify specific weaknesses of writing
- students will offer specific suggestions for improvement

Rubrics (Checklist):

Editing Checklist

Was the student able to...



identify most or all transitions in the paragraph?

identify most or all good word choices in the paragraph?    
identify most or all details and elaboration in the paragraph?    
identify at least one strength for each element of writing?    
identify at least one weakness for each element of writing?    
offer at least three suggestions for improvement?    

Peer-Editing Worksheet

Use of Transitions:
(Think about: number used and variety.)





Ways to improve the use of transitions: _____________________________________

Word Choice:
(Think about: if they paint a picture, if they are accurate, and if they are natural.)





Ways to improve word choice: ___________________________________________

Detail and Elaboration:
(Think about amount of detail and elaboration added.)





Ways to improve details and elaboration: ____________________________________

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