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City Planning Department


About ten years ago, the city planning department in Metro City started a tree planting program to beautify the city. Below are data that show the total number of trees (including new trees planted) in the city since the program began.

Year 1988 1989 1990 1992 1995 1997
# of Trees 582 620 658 734 848 924

You are a member of the city planning department and your job is to decide if the department's plan to continue planting the same number of trees each year until the goal of a total of 5,000 trees was reached.

I. Assuming that no trees die, what should be the total number of trees in the city in the year 2000? Show how you found your answer.

II. In a 1989 newspaper article, Metro City claimed that it would have a total of 5,000 trees in the city by the time of the city's centennial celebration in the year 2088. If the planting of the new trees continues through the years at the same rate, can this goal be met? Justify your answer.

III. Write a short letter to the editor of the newspaper explaining your findings after examining the data. Be sure to support your claim with algebra.



Part I
Work shown
all work shown
no work shown
x 2
Part II
justified, complete sentences
justified, incomplete sentences
not justified
x 2
Part III
states findings, supports w/ algebra
states findings, supports w/o algebra
states no findings, no algebra used
x 3
Complete sentences




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