Course Schedule - Stereotyping and Prejudice

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Jan 3 Introduction

**Readings in bold are required**

Resources for Social Psychology

Video: Asian-American identity

Jan 5 Conscious vs. Unconscious Processing


Ego depletion: Is the active self a limited resource?

Glucose and self-control

Stroop test

Improving working memory?

Deliberation-without-attention effect

"The unbearable automaticity of being" (pp. 462-466)

"Think different:..."

A theory of unconscious thought

On the goal dependency of unconscious thought

"Imperceptibly off-center goalkeepers..."

Jan 10 Formation of Stereotypes

The psychology of prejudice (pp. 1-13)

"The unbearable automaticity of being" (466-476)

"You wear me out: The vicarious depletion of self-control"

Is Obama American?

Implicit social cognition model

Jan 12 Formation of Stereotypes

"Children's illusory correlations..."

Take at least two IAT tests for today

The bias finders (on the IAT tests)

Stereotyping based on voice

Video: The doll test

Jan 17 Formation / Maintenance of Stereotypes

"Stereotypes and the confirmability of trait concepts"


"The unrecognized stereotyping and discrimination against singles"

(P) pp. 14-27

Think before you speak

"That's so gay" in the UK

Jan 19
Effects on Behavior

"Weapon bias..." (Jen and Ryan)

"Stereotype embodiment..."

"Looking deathworthy..."

"Heterosocial perceptual organization..."

Names and expectations

"Stereotypes focus defensive projection"

Age stereotypes predict cardiovascular events

The fragility of intergroup relations...

Jan 24 From Preference to Dislike

"Of two minds..."

A two-dimensional model of attitudes to characterize prejudice

"Automatic evaluation"

"On the automatic evaluation of social exemplars"

"Sources of implicit attitudes"

"They all look the same to me (unless they're angry)"

Voter discomfort with religious diversity

Tennessee Tea Party: Remove slavery from history books


Jan 26 From Preference to Dislike

"Allport's prejudice personality today..." (Sarah M. and Will)

"The emotional side of prejudice..."

Hiring discrimination against the obese

"The influence of facial feedback on race bias"

Own-race bias

The failure of empathy

Jan 31 From Preference to Dislike

Spreading attitude effect (Maryellen and Mitch)

"Children's biased evaluations..."

"A new social-cognitive developmental perspective on prejudice..."

Intergroup sensitivity effect

"Intergroup threat and outgroup attitudes..."

"never let gay people anywhere near my children"

Feb 2
Midterm Exam

I am collecting the take-home portion of the midterm at the beginning of class. Then we will take the in-class portion.

"How could Obama be bad for racial equality"


Feb 7
From Preference to Dislike

"...avoidance-focus for interracial interactions"

"Citing intolerance, obese people...."

Social identity and musical preferences

Feb 9 Effects on Behavior

"Thin ice"

"On interpreting stereotype threat as accounting..."

Even made-up stereotypes can hurt

Extra credit

Feb 14 Effects on Behavior

Mechanisms behind stereotype threat

"Knowing is half the battle..."

reducing stereotype threat age/memory distortion

The Obama effect

Feb 16 From Dislike to Hatred

"The swimsuit becomes us all..." (Liz G. and Angela)

India's cultural shift

American exceptionalism

Race bias and conception risk

Moving the "terrorists"

Video: The Interrupters

Video: Slavery by Another Name


Other task

Feb 21 From Dislike to Hatred

Racial Profiling:

Just-world beliefs and 9/11 (Amber and Denita)

Dehumanizing the lowest of the low

Gays in the military

Assault on gay America

Interracial/Same-sex Marriage

audio:John Amaechi/Tim Hardaway

Feb 23
Targets of Prejudice

The social psychology of stigma

"Mispredicting affective and behavioral..."

Stigmatizing of Jews

Dobson and Iran

Whom do you hate?

Feb 28 Targets of Prejudice

"Stigma effects of revealing a mental illness history..." (Liz A. and John)

Color blindness or multiculturalism?

"Color blindness..."

All-inclusive multiculturalism

This week in race blog

Weight bias

"Sexual orientation differences as deficits..."

Mar 1 Reducing Prejudice and Discrimination

"Rethinking the link between categorization and prejudice..."

"Reducing intergroup prejudice..." (Stephanie and Lisa)

Prejudice reduction: What works? A review...

"Differential effects..."

Pronouncing Sotomayor correctly

"If you don't have a job and you're not rich, blame yourself!"

Mar 6 Reducing Prejudice and Discrimination

Research/Analysis Paper Due


Intergroup contact theory (skim)

"The contact hypothesis revisited..."

"Interracial roommate relationships..." (Adam and Sarah A.)

"Stereotype activation and control..."

The fragility of intergroup relations

Mar 8 Reducing Prejudice and Discrimination

"Reducing the racial achievement gap..."

"Identity, belonging, and achievement..."

"Nature and nurture in own-race face processing"

"On the self-regulation of implicit and explicit prejudice..."

"The power of social psychological interventions"

"tolerance for gay rights"

immigrants and leprosy

"Erasing Hate"

Mar 13
Final Exam