Assignment 3


1. Terms, terms, terms. People use so many different terms to describe the same phenomena. It can get confusing. Clear some of this confusion up for me. Identify which of the following terms go together by listing them under the two headings below: Theory of mind, mentalizing, empathy, feeling your pain, perspective taking, experience sharing, emotional contagion, empathic concern, reading your mind, vicariously experience, bacon. Note: one or more of these terms may fit under both or neither of the columns.

Cogntive Empathy Emotional Empathy








2. Tale of two systems: The authors of "The neuroscience of empathy..." identify two neural systems, one underlying cognitive empathy and one underlying emotional empathy. In reviewing previous research, the authors state "Together, such findings supported the assertion that these two processes are fundamentally dissociable routes to empathy." Use one piece of evidence from the article to suggest how context can affect which of the two systems become activated.






3. Describe a situation in which both neural systems might become activated and prime prosocial behavior.