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Academic Integrity - links for instructors and students - I particularly recommend list of suggestions for encouraging academic integrity which was recently posted on the PsychTeacher-L listserv - from Don Forsyth [added 3/6/02]

Writing Resources

APA Style Guides and Templates

APA style guide (6th ed.) - from the Purdue Online Writing Lab [added 6/24/12]

  • APA sample paper - well anotated from the Purdue Online Writing Lab [added 6/24/12]

APA style help - from APA - FAQs, tutorials, and more

APA Publication Manual: Changes from 5th to 6th Edition - at APA site

APA style video tutorials - These videos produced by Eric Landrum can be found at the Teaching of Psychology Idea Exchange (ToPIX), a new, promising resource. [added 6/19/10]

APA-style guides - new APA-style guides located at the Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology [added 2/6/10]

Updated APA Manual Crib Sheet - This excellent APA style resource from Russ Dewey and others has been updated for the recent revision (6th ed.) of the APA Publication Manual. [added 1/16/10]

APA Research Paper Template in Microsoft Word - from Derek Gwinn [added 3/25/04]

More templates [added 3/25/04]

APA Style Asylum - some good APA style resources from Walden University [added 4/06/04]

"A Self-scoring Exercise on APA Style and Research Language" - students acts as editors to review and evaluate a mock discussion section to check for proper APA style and language usage - also included is a corrected discussion session to show students possible errors and a detailed explanation of the errors - by Marilyn Freimuth

APA writing style guide - prepared by M. Plonsky (based on 5th edition)


Writing Guidestop

"Writing in college: A short guide to college writing" - by Joseph M. Williams and Lawrence McEnerney [added 12/07/12]

Videos on writing topics - Turnitin provides a number of webcasts on topics such as good thesis statement writing while combating plagiarism and peer editing and the writing process. [added 6/24/12]

Annotated bibliographies - Here's an excellent resource for students on how to create good annotated bibliographies. [added 6/24/12]

Writing tips - from Dan Simons [added 6/24/12]

The quality of "paper mill" papers - Dan Ariely and Aline Grüneisen ran an interesting test on what you get for your money at paper mills. [added 10/2/10]

Excellent guide to grammar and writing - [added 7/8/09]

Create reference list more easily - [added 3/22/09]

"Publishing advice for graduate students" - might be useful to all of us [added 4/9/08]

Common errors in English - Oh yeah, you've got your pet peeves. Likely, you will find one or more of them here when it comes to writing. For example, I hyphenate Asian-American.. Should I? Here's what this site says: "Although it is traditional to hyphenate “African-American,” “Irish-American,” “Cuban-American,” etc., there is a recent trend toward omitting the hyphen, possibly in reaction to the belittling phrase “hyphenated Americans.” However, some styles still call for the hyphen when the phrase is used adjectivally, so that you might be an African American who enjoys African-American writers. Omitting the hyphen may puzzle some readers, but it’s not likely to offend anyone." [added 12/12/07]

Citation Wizard - I don't know if it is any faster than just looking it up, but this nice little tool will create your reference citation for you once you have typed in the key info. Works for several formats including APA. [added 12/12/07]

Commonly misspelled words - A list of the "100 most often misspelled words in English" -- yes, I spelled misspelled correctly! [added 7/19/07]

Using punctuation correctly - Last issue a punctuation quiz; this issue a good how-to list [added 7/14/07]

"Not all experiments are created equal: On conducting and reporting persuasive experiments" - an excellent article from Christian Jordan and Mark Zanna [added 7/6/07]

Top ten grammatical taboos - a nice list of some common mistakes with good explanations -- I learned a couple things! [added 1/1/07]

Writing Psychology Papers - many excellent, detailed handouts on how to write different psychology papers (e.g., lab reports, article summaries, lit reviews), use APA citations (with exercises), avoid plagiarism and more - Most available in html or PDF (which retains original formatting for nice printouts) from the Psychology Writing Center at the Univ. of Washington

Writing Guides - a well-organized, extensive set of links to quality writing resources and some original documents covering everything from primary vs. secondary sources, documentation and citation, theses and dissertations to grammar and usage, writing for ESL learners, and writing good essays - from the Univ. of Kansas - also includes a few resources for instructors

How to write an empirical journal article - by Daryl Bem

Online writing tutorial - excellent advice and guidance on writing


new Plagiarism tutorials
A number of good plagiarism tutorials, collected from Jason Schreiner at the University of Oregon [added 3/5/13]

new "Educating students about plagiarism" - a new set of materials provided by the Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology to teach students about plagiarism [added 3/5/13]

new Plagiarism quiz - from Argosy University [added 12/07/12]

Avoiding and reducing plagiarism - an article from a faculty member with some good strategies [added 7/8/09]

Plagiarism self-test - This is a good, detailed exercise/self-test on plagiarism. Here is a list of other online plagiarism exercises provided by this site. [12/22/07]

Plagiarism detection services - a side-by-side comparison chart of several of the most popular sites where faculty can send papers to check to see if they have been plagiarized, from a recent presentation by Liz Johnson [added 11/13/07]

Avoiding plagiarism - another good resource for students, including guidelines and examples [added 3/2/05]

Paraphrasing assignment - This is a very well designed exercise for students in which they are provided with original passages and two sample paraphrasings of each passage. Students are asked to rate the acceptability of each paraphrase and explain their ratings. [added 4/5/04]

Avoiding Plagiarism - another good guide entitled "Avoiding Plagiarism, Self-plagiarism, and Other Questionable Writing Practices: A Guide to Ethical Writing" by Michael Roig [added 11/13/03]

Plagiarism resource for faculty - good article from APS describing different types of plagiarism and steps faculty can take to reduce it [added 7/21/03]

Plagiarism resource for students - description of plagiarism and how students can avoid it, with examples [added 7/21/03]

Plagiarism - lots of good resources for students and faculty [added 12/03/02]

Plagiarism - another excellent resource - clearly explains plagiarism, provides guidelines to avoid it, and provides good side-by-side examples of passages and references correctly versus incorrectly cited

Giving Presentations

"So You Wanna Deliver an Effective Speech?" - good tutorial on giving oral presentations from soyouwanna.com [added 11/13/03]

"How to Give a Bad Talk" - a tongue-in-cheek list of advice for giving a bad presentation to illustrate some things to avoid [added 7/16/03]

"Giving Presentations: A Guide for Social Psychology Students" - In a few places this guide is specific to Tom Farsides' course, but overall it is a good, general set of advice for students. [added 2/10/03]

Tips for Paper/Poster Presentations - Psi Chi, the national honor society in psychology, provides these useful tips for presenting papers or posters at conferences, including sample poster layouts [added 6/6/02]


Research Resourcestop

Annotated bibliographies - Here's an excellent resource for students on how to create good annotated bibliographies. [added 6/24/12]

"How to read a journal article in social psychology" - an excellent article from Christian Jordan and Mark Zanna [added 7/6/07]

Creating an informed consent form - a tutorial for students on why and how to create an informed consent form -- it includes a quiz to test them on their knowledge. [added 1/1/07]

Tutorial on using PSYCINFO [added 6/9/04]

Tutorials on information literacy skills - Here is an excellent set of six tutorials teaching skills on finding and evaluating information, understanding how information is produced and other topics. For example, under Basics, there is a helpful, interactive lesson on primary vs. secondary sources. [added 3/23/04]

Library Tutorials and Guides - here is some more good reference information for students including tutorials on finding information efficiently, critically analyzing information sources and how to prepare an annotated bibliography [added 8/28/02]

Journal and Article Locator - easy-to-use resource allows you or your students to locate psychology and social science journals, articles, abstracts and databases on the Web

Web Research Activities - a series of practical exercises to help teach anyone how to search the web, evaluate the quality of sites, cite the web and more - from McGraw-Hill/Dushkin

Human Participants Tutorial - a tutorial from NIH to help researchers "understand how to protect the rights and welfare of all human participants involved in research." A good place to start for students who will be designing or conducting research. Takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. Requires users to complete a registration form first. A "completion certificate" is available when the tutorial is finished. Free registration is now required to participate in the tutorial.

Research and Reference Tools - from the Social Psychology Network

Evaluating websites - another good resource


Study Resourcestop

Study skills - some good study skill resources from the Cook Counseling Center at Virginia Tech [added 6/24/12]

Social psychology examples practice - Find the link on this page to a set of examples for which students must come up with the appropriate term. Examples key is also linked to. [added 6/24/12]

Best ways to learn - Here's a good series of videos that review research about the best strategies for students to employ to learn new material. You can assign one or more of these to your students. [added 1/18/12]

A variety of study skills links - [added 4/25/11]

"Nine evidence-based study tips" - [added 10/2/10]

Study Tips -a good guide from the ACT folks [added 7/8/09]

Some good note-taking tips - [added 3/22/09]

Quizlet - a place to create and share flash cards and quizzes online [added 3/22/09]

Study skill tips - some good suggestions for students [12/22/07]

Strategies for doing well in class - an essay describing some good strategies to teach students to succeed in your classes [added 1/1/07]

Distinguishing scholarly journals from popular magazines - a brief guide from The University of Texas at San Antonio Library [added 1/10/06]

Good study tip sheets [added 3/23/04]

Studying for Essay Exams - Robert Whipple provides a step-by-step strategy (REDOER) for preparing for essay exams [added 12/11/02]

Wide Variety of Study Skill Topics

Study Guides and Strategies - also many topics covered - and in 15 languages! - from Joe Landsberger, Univ. of St. Thomas

The Virtual Pamphlet Collection - includes resources on study skills, test-taking and more - from the Univ. of Chicago

Learning Skills Handouts and Tutorials - many of these good study skills resources include exercises so students can practice the skills - for example, one tutorial addresses concept mapping - students can choose to or be assigned to create a graphical representation (concept map) of their notes or readings - it is a very effective method for finding relationships between concepts and increasing retention - this tutorial gives students some notes to transform into a concept map and then includes a sample of what such a map could look like
- from the Univ. of Victoria, Canada

Writing good essay exam answers

Glossary of social psychology terms - accompanying Social Psychology, 3/e by Aronson, Wilson, Akert


Careers in Psychology

Careers in Psychology - a very detailed site with lots of info [added 12/29/10]

Developing a psychology career focus - [added 10/2/10]

Degree programs web site - This new resource provides detailed information about psychology programs in the U.S. from associate degrees to Ph.D.s. Info is organized by program types (e.g., sports psychology) and by state. Other good info as well. [added 10/2/10]

Careers and job search guide - [added 10/2/10]

Criminal Justice - Marwin Keller pointed me to these resources about criminal justice, including some career and graduate school info for students and links to other related sites. [added 3/22/09]

Careers in Psychology - another good set of links to career resources from Linda Walsh [added 11/23/07]

GRE preparation resources - Gary Lewandowski provides practice GRE (psych and general) questions and a program for studying GRE vocabulary. [added 3/2/05]

By sub-discipline - good career info and more links organized by area (e.g., clinical, developmental, social) from the Univ. of Dayton [added 3/23/04]

Career info for psychologists from U.S. Dept. of Labor [added 3/23/04]

Careers in Psychology Page - from Marky Lloyd [added 3/23/04]




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