Psychology 170 Portfolio Assignment - Melanie Green

For this assignment, you will collect popular press information that is relevant to social psychology. This project is an opportunity for you to apply the social psychological principles from class to real-world events and information. Be creative! Social psychology is everywhere, once you start looking for it.

Your collection can be made up of newspaper articles, magazine articles, advertisements, comic strips, photographs, advice columns, or anything else pertaining to social psychology. For example, your text uses a cartoon on p. 149 to illustrate a point about intergroup relations, an advertisement on p. 195 to illustrate a principle of persuasion, and a magazine cover article on p. 403 to discuss aggression. (No, items included in your text cannot be used for your portfolio!) You may use song lyrics for no more than one entry per portfolio, if you provide the text of the lyrics, the artist, the album title, and the release date. You may also submit a video entry for no more than one item per portfolio (e.g., on a videocassette); if you do this, provide the name, air date, and brief description of the program or scene. If you wish to submit a portfolio entry using some other media, please contact the instructor or TA in advance.

I strongly encourage you to start early on your portfolio. If you keep your eyes open for materials starting at the beginning of the course, the portfolio should be relatively painless. If, on the other hand, you try to scrounge for articles, comic strips, etc., at the last minute, it will be much more difficult.

Each portfolio should include at least 3 items. You may include up to five items, but only the best three will count toward your score.

Each item should include:

* The original source material (e.g., the cartoon, article, etc.), with complete information about the source (e.g., the name of the publication, the date of publication, page numbers). A clear Xerox copy is acceptable.

* A typed, double-spaced explanation of the concept being illustrated and the way in which the item relates to the concept. In most cases, you should be able to do this in a paragraph or two. We are looking for evidence that you understand the concept and that you can explain the links between your material and that concept.

Spelling and grammar count. Please be sure to proofread your work before turning it in.

Portfolios are due AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS on the assigned due date. Late portfolios will not be accepted. If you know you will not be able to make it to class on the due date, you may turn in your portfolio early to the TA or instructor.

I expect your portfolio to be your own work­both finding the materials and describing them. Copying materials or explanations from your classmates is plagiarism. You are encouraged to use material from the lectures and readings in defining concepts, but please be sure to give the proper citations when you do so.

You may not include more than one item on the same topic. For the second portfolio submission, at least two items must address topics that were covered after Spring Break.

Portfolio 1 due date: March 20

Portfolio 2 due date: April 24