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Leadership training materials - Quite a few lesson plans and PowerPoint slides on topics such as goal setting, conflict management, and teamwork from the Youth Leadership Development program at the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State University. [added 6/3/08]

The development of sexual orientation: A teaching resource - I wasn't sure where to categorize this resource because it is so extensive. It really is a series of modules designed by Lynn Elmore as a guide for teaching an entire course on the subject. Each module contains lecture material as well as a long list of relevant articles, multimedia, and web sites. [added 9/23/07]


Video Lectures

 new Self and society - Instructor: Robb Willer


Audio Lectures

Most topics - Instructor: Traci Craig - Listen to audio while viewing slides for most topics [added 12/26/07]


PowerPoint Slidestop

Most topics (sociological social psychology) - Instructor: Jessica Collett

Most topics - Instructor: Dan Gigone

David Buss: Teaching evolutionary psychology - an excellent set of slides from Buss' presentation at the Pre-teaching Conference at the 2007 SPSP conference [added 9/23/07]

Brief PowerPoint presentations of research articles - Here's a great resource in the making! Rolf Reber and his colleagues at the University of Bergen in Norway are developing a database of PowerPoint presentations for specific research articles. Each presentation contains a few slides summarizing the article and reporting the results. Great for plugging into lectures or to send students to view. In Rolf's words, "We have built up POSbase, a database with Powerpoint presentations of psychological studies and keywords, available at <http://posbase.uib.no/posbase>. Teachers in psychology can download studies and keywords for their teaching. The presentations are interlinked so that students can go through presentations and keywords online. First student evaluations of the database have brought positive results, especially as a supplement to lectures. The database has been presented at last year's IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies. Up to now, there are presentations of around 100 studies and of as many keywords on the database, mostly in the fields of cognitive psychology and social cognition; presentations are added regularly, so the database will grow. We focus on classic and recent studies that are relevant to teaching psychology at high school and undergraduate level." Rolf says they would welcome additional presentations submitted by other faculty. They would then create the interlinks between the presentations. You can take a look at the presentations already created at http://posbase.uib.no/posbase. [added 4/8/05]

Most topics -- Instructor: Jody Davis - outlines and slides here from Jody Davis' Social Psychology course [added 7/11/09]

Interpersonal Relations - Instructor: Jody Davis - [added 7/11/09]

Most topics -- Instructor: Stephanie Madon [added 7/31/08]

Most topics -- Instructor: Kelly Shaver [added 11/24/07]

Most topics -- Instructor: Stephen Weiss [added 11/24/07]

Some topics - Instructor: Paul Fuglestad [added 7/5/06]

Group Influence/Group Conflict: Instructor - Don Forsyth [added 7/5/06]

Most topics - Instructor: Jean Mandernach [added 1/15/06]top

Most topics - Instructor: Austin Bowman [added 1/5/06]

Most topics - instructor: Tom Farsides - also includes Notes in Word [added 2/10/03]

Social Cognition - instructor: Stephanie Madon [added 5/1/02]

Many topics - instructor: Steve Spencer - the first set of links on the page are PowerPoint slides converted to html; the second set of links are for the slides in their original PP format
Most topics - instructor: Vinai Norasakkunkit - scroll down page and then click on "download" to download and view the original slides or click the topic to see them converted to html

Several topics - instructor: Anre Venter - click on topic links to view very detailed PowerPoint slides [added 7/23/03]


En Español (In Spanish)

Presentation on "Social behaviourism and social exchange theory" - from Leonor Gimeno Giménez [added 2/23/06]

Prejuicio Mafalda - example of prejudice from Beatriz Cortés [added 2/23/06]

Altruismo y conducta prosocial - examples of altruism from Beatriz Cortés [added 3/8/06]

At Textbook Companion Websites

Social Psychology, 11/e, (2003), Taylor, S.E., Peplau, L.A., & Sears, D.O., Prentice Hall. Resources: Jump to each chapter to find PowerPoint slides. [added 1/13/03]

Social Psychology, 4/e, (2002), Aronson, E., Wilson, T.D., & Akert, R.M., Prentice Hall. Jump to a specific chapter. Then you can either download or display the PowerPoint slides. [added 3/10/02]

PowerPoint slides converted to html (best viewed in Internet Explorer) top

Most topics - Instructor: Alan Lambert [added 4/06/04]
Most topics - instructor: Charles Stangor
Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination - Jack Glaser [added 8/28/02]

PowerPoint converted to PDF

Some topics: Social Psychology and the Law - Instructors: Anita Kim and Brad Lippmann [added 7/5/06]

Psychology of Women - Instructor: Patricia Frazier [added 1/5/06]

Most topics - instructor: John Darley

Most topics - instructors: Paul Shuper and Natalie Allen [added 2/10/03]

Persuasion topics - instructor: Icek Aizen

PowerPoint tutorials
Lecture Notes top

Most topics - Instructor: Christopher Federico [added 1/5/06]
Most topics - instructor: Warren Thorngate [added 3/31/04]
Most topics - instructor: Angela Bartoli [added 12/11/02]
Most topics - instructor: Tamara Ferguson [added 8/30/02]
Most topics - instructor: Steve Prentice-Dunn

Most topics - instructor: Kenneth Bordens
Many topics - with some good examples - instructor: Serena Chen
Lecture Outlines

Tiffany Ito - outlines in PDF


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