Analyzing a Set of Beliefs and Attitudes

Daryl J. Bem


Drawing on the first week's readings and lectures, describe and analyze a set of beliefs or attitudes held by one of the following: yourself,
a parent or parents, your family as a whole, other relatives, your friends, a peer group, or your religion.

First describe the beliefs and attitudes. How do they appear to be interrelated? What underlying theme seems to connect them?
Then consider any of the following questions that are pertinent (in any order):

What psychological functions do the beliefs and attitudes seem to be serving for the person or persons?

Are the beliefs and attitudes consistent or inconsistent among themselves and/or with other beliefs and attitudes held by the same person or persons?

Do any of the beliefs reflect the kinds of cognitive errors or biases discussed so far in the course?

Can the beliefs and attitudes be characterized as progressive or orthodox, liberal or conservative? Do they reflect an underlying ideology
about the nature of authority?

What seems to be the source or sources of the beliefs and attitudes (e.g., a specific religious creed, socioeconomic circumstances,
particular events, childrearing, personal psychopathology)?

Can you envision anything that might change them? Do you think that changing them would be a good thing?

Add any other comments or observations you wish.