Authentic Assessment Project



AUDIENCE: Class member/team member, teacher familiar with authentic assessment

SCOPE: Examples: At the secondary level or middle school/junior high level, develop a comprehensive assessment plan for at least two units within a course. At the elementary level, develop a comprehensive assessment plan for at least two units within a content area. Or, for your level, develop or revise a certain type or collection of assessments throughout the year's curriculum.

CONTRIBUTION: The project can be completed individually or with one partner. Each partner would receive the same grade.



Create a project that accomplishes one of the following:

and includes all of the following:


Identify the content standards your assessments address. Include at least two process standards as well.


Develop specific tasks that allow your students to demonstrate that they have met the standards. Typically, 6-12 summative authentic tasks are required, including at least one that focuses on a process skill. Additionally, for at least one of your summative assessments that addresses a process skill, develop several formative assessments that build towards the summative assessment of that skill.


Develop specific criteria your students must meet to indicate successful completion of the summative and formative tasks.


Develop rubrics to translate your students' performance on the criteria into an evaluation.


Organize the assessments into a coherent package that meets the standards you selected for your students.


Produce a clearly presented product that is well written and user-friendly. Turn in a paper and an electronic copy of your project.

PORTFOLIOS (optional)

If you choose to create a portfolio assignment, you can substitute it for some of your other assessments.