Critique 2


Evaluate the following authentic assessment (Media Critique). Specifically, focus on the task and rubric. Don't evaluate the standards, but you can ask: Are the task and rubric aligned with the standards? Is the task well designed? Is the rubric well designed? Is it aligned with the task?

Fix the task and rubric. If you find anything in either one that is not well-designed, describe how it might be changed.

Media Critique

Standards Addressed:

1. Students will evaluate the validity of evidence presented to support a claim.
2. Students will provide support for arguments in written form.
3. Students will locate and access information from a variety of media.


Select an article found in a popular magazine that makes one or more claims. Identify some claims presented in the article. Briefly describe the evidence used by the author(s) to support each claim. Evaluate the evidence: Is the evidence relevant to the claim? Does the evidence effectively support the claim? Is there sufficient evidence to draw a conclusion?


Poor (1 pt.)
Good (2 pts.)
Excellent (3 pts.)
Used complete sentences
Not at all

Correct spelling and punctuation
Many errors
Few errors
No errors
Clear thesis statement
Not clear

Well organized
Not at all

Very organized
Provides support for arguments
Little or no support provided
Support did not address argument
Well supported arguments
Evaluated evidence effectively
Not at all