Assignment 12


1. Identify whether each scientific question below is descriptive (D), predictive/correlational (P), or explanatory/causal (E).

____ What percentage of college students suffer from depression?

____ Does being depressed lower students' grades?

____ Is higher depression associated with lower grades in school?

____ What kinds of play do children engage in during "free time" at school?

____ Does listening to sexual lyrics prompt teens to have sex?

____ Do teens who listen to music with sexual lyrics have more sex?


2. Find an example of a claim presented in the media. (Do not use a claim mentioned in class or the course website. Attach a copy of the source material (e.g., advertisement, article, website page) or write a brief description of it.)

State the claim.


List the evidence that is presented to support the claim.



Evaluate the evidence. Is the claim justified based on the evidence? Explain.