Reading Assignment #5


Read "Improving students' learning with effective learning techniques...." In particular, focus on the ten reviewed educational techniques. However, each of you are to answer the questions below for just one of the ten techniques. Specifically, if your last name begins with


Alvarado-Anast - Technique 1
Battaglia-Corso - Technique 2
DiFatta-Garcia - Technique 3
Gonzalez-Hornick - Technique 4
Johnson-Kowalski - Technique 5
Lent-Melvin - Technique 6
Murray-Murray - Technique 7

Nguyen-Sanguinetti - Technique 8
Skyberg-Smith - Technique 9
Swofford-Travers - Technique 10


1. In your own words, briefly explain the technique to someone not in this class.




2. Describe how the technique could be applied to a specific topic (e.g., nutrition, dynamics in music). Do not use examples from the article.




3. Briefly explain how your technique fits with another of the ten techniques.