NCC Lesson Planning Format  


Name: _____________________†††††† Date of Lesson: ________________

Lesson Topic/Title: _______________ Grade/Subject: _________________

Purpose of Lesson:

Why are you teaching this lesson?How will the content and/or skills learned be useful to students?How does this lesson relate to the overall unit?

Learning Objective(s):

What should the students be able to do as a result of this lesson?State the skills, concepts, and/or content that will be learned, rather than a task or product that will be completed.Be sure to use the Action, Behavior, Condition (ABC) format and The Students Will Be Able To (TSWBAT) phrasing.

Connected to Illinois State Standards:

To what state goal and learning standard(s) does this lesson relate?Be sure to number and write out the goal and standard.

Materials Required:

Anything that you would ordinarily not have in front of you (text, chalkboard, chalk, paper, etc. can be assumed).

Instructional Sequence:

Introduction/Anticipatory Set:How will you capture the studentsí attention?How will you incorporate a review of previous learning and/or create an interest in new learning?

Detailed Instructional Procedures:Describe the lesson in detail (both content and methodology) and in the order you expect to follow.When applicable, include the following:

         What information will the students need in order to complete the objectives?This would include any directions needed (will probably occur throughout the lesson).

         What will the students be doing during the lesson?Will they be working in groups or alone?Will they be working with manipulatives?

         Will you or a student provide a verbal or visual example of the product or process?

         How will you check for understanding?Include questions that might be asked and desired responses (if appropriate).This should occur throughout the lesson.

Closure:How will the lesson be concluded?Often it is a summary or review of the lesson and/or provides a connection to real life or future learning.

Assessment Tools or Strategies:

How will you know if the objectives have been met?Specify informal observation, formal observation, student self-evaluation, written or oral responses, etc.If using written or oral responses to evaluate, indicate the responses you are looking for to determine if an objective has been met.Also identify assessments as diagnostic, formative, or summative.

Sources Cited:What resources (text, article, or person) you used when making this plan.