Lesson Plan 1 Analysis Web Page Assignment

For the Lesson Plan 1 Analysis, you can share your work with the rest of the class by creating and posting a web page. To do so, you can convert your Word file into an html (hypertext markup language -- the programming language used to create web pages) file with Word in the Microsoft Office suite.  Or, you can create your original analysis in html. Once you have created your Word file, choose "Save as Web Page" under the File pull-down menu.  Save the file on your W: drive.  (Be sure to save it as the file type "web page" and not the default file type which is "single file web page.") You have created a web page, and it is out on the Web!

Once you have converted the file into a web page and saved it on your W: drive send me an e-mail letting me know the name of the file (e.g., paper1.htm). Then I can link to it from the course web site.

Before you notify me that you have converted and saved the file you may choose to edit it first to earn some extra points. If you remove virtually all of the mechanical errors in your paper you will receive three additional points. If you add an appropriate graphic or link to the web page you will receive three additional points. You are free to make any other changes in your paper that you believe will improve its appearance or quality.


Here are some good web resources for clipart:

- a good collection of educational clipart

If you find others, please let me know.