Assignment 18

PSY 100


Review: Okay, let's see what you have learned.

For Questions 1 and 2, identify if the question is a scientific (empirical) one or not. If you say no, rewrite it to make it a scientific question.

1. Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?


2. Do animals other than humans have friends?


For Questions 3 and 4, identify which type of study is described -- descriptive, correlational, or experimental.

3. A study was conducted to find out whether eating a low-fat diet can shave pounds off your thighs.

4. A study was conducted to find out if those who eat a low-fat diet also tend to smoke.


For Questions 5 and 6, write a headline that best captures the results of the study described.

5. Researchers found a negative correlation between the number of memory errors someone exhibits and the amount of sleep that individual got the night before. Do not use the words "negative" or "correlation" in your headline.



6. Researchers in Japan found that people there were more likely to apologize to someone if that other person had previously apologized to them. Write this headline in your own words.



For Question 7, answer Question 7!

7. Mr. Pumpkinhead (sorry, it's late in the term and I couldn't think of another name) noticed that whenever he asked his students to get in groups to discuss a concept they tended to do better on that concept on the exams than when he just lectured on the concept. Mr. P. concluded that the students did a better job of explaining the concepts than he did.

a. What might be an alternative explanation to the one Mr. Pumpkinhead came up with?


b. How could you test your alternative explanation?